Benefits of ICTAZ Membership

1. Focal Point of Contact: all members are able to use ICTAZ as a reference point especially for students seeking new employment. The corporate world usually has a habit of contacting professional bodies such as ours for verification and obviously, the association puts its members as a priority.

2. Career Development: The association has plans to hold career talks on various emerging technologies that will bring industry experts from all corners of the world to talk to the professionals on different topics of interest.

This will help our professionals appreciate different emerging technologies and be able to be guided which career path they may wish to take. Secondly, there are also plans for the association to introduce the continuing professional development(CDPs) aiming at tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience of the ICT professional in Zambia.

3. Networking: The power of mingling with the industrial gurus cannot be over emphasized. The association has in place two annual events.I.e. the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the Gala Dinner. In addition, plans to start monthly or quarterly technological talks are underway. These events enable members to network with various ICT professionals, which results in a lot of benefits such as employment opportunities, career advancement and other related benefits brought about from interactive discussions.

4. Support from professional body: Apart from being a professional regulator, ICTAZ is also there to speak on behalf of its members on different issues. it could be job misalignment issues, unfair treatment by employers and wrong curriculum for students, unrealistic job descriptions to mention just a few. It is obviously difficult for an employee to handle some of the mentioned issues without the indulgence of a professional body.

5. Exposure: Through ICTAZ organized events, professionals get the needed exposure. Sooner or Later. We shall be seeing exhibitions attracting both foreign. Sooner or later. We shall be seeing exhibitions attracting both foreign and local ICT dealers. This will bring to the event; emerging technologies that will help expose our members to some technologies being introduced and some yet to reach Zambia. This kind of exposure will enable us professionals to plan and prepare adequately for the future.

6. Standardised Code of Conduct: A code of conduct is a document that outlines specific behaviours that are required or prohibited as a condition of ongoing employment. it might forbid wrong practices, racial intimidation or viewing inappropriate or unauthorised content on corporate computers. Codes, along with other measures, have helped some professionals and companies dig themselves out of scandals, and have helped them build a healthier work climate and reputation even in society.

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