THE Executive Council

ICTAZ is managed by the Executive Council and Secretariat. The Executive Council is a Board of Directors who are elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). And these comprise of: President, Vice President, Chairpersons of Various Committees and Committee Members. Below is the Current Executive Council:

Clement Sinyangwe ICTAZ Executive Council President

Clement Sinyangwe


Zeko Mbumwae ICTAZ Executive Council Vice President

Zeko Mbumwae

Vice President

Bwalya Chisulo ICTAZ Executive Council National Secretary

Bwalya Chisulo

National Secretary

Albert Phiri ICTAZ Executive Council National Treasurer

Albert Phiri

National Treasurer

Mazuba Hankuku ICTAZ Executive Council Membership Chairperson

Mazuba Hankuku

Membership Chairperson

George Mwale ICTAZ Executive Council Northern Region Chairperson

George Mwale

Northern Region Chairperson

Alinani Simuchimba Technical Affairs Chairperson

Alinani Simuchimba

Technical Affairs Chairperson

Binimbi Chellah ICTAZ Executive Council Profession Development Chairperson

Binimbi Chellah

Professional Development Chairperson

Robert Msendo ICTAZ Executive Council Midlands Chairperson

Robert Musendo

Midlands Chairperson

Samuel Muzata ICTAZ Executive Council Compliance and Ethics Chairperson

Samuel Muzata

Compliance & Ethics Chairperson

Jessie Chandalala ICTAZ Executive Council Committee Member

Jessie Chandalala

Committee Member

Abel Kabwe ICTAZ Executive Council Committee Member

Abel Kabwe

Committee Member