Membership Fees

Membership fees per category

Individual Membership Fees


This is the highest level of membership. Most ideal for individuals who have made significant and recognizable contributions to ICTAZ and the ICT fratenity among other things.

2,000.00 ZMK

Full Member

Perfect category for individuals who have worked in an ICT related field for more than 10 years and hold a Bachelors in and ICT related discipline.

1,200.00 ZMK


Most ideal for a fresh graduate. An Individual who may not at the time have any work experience but has attended an approved training facility, technical college or school and holds a minimum of a diploma among other things.

900.00 ZMK


Most ideal for an individual who holds atleast a certificate attained from a reputable college and has professional work experience of atleast 2 years in any ICT related field among other things.

700.00 ZMK


Perfect category for individuals who are not in IT but are working in an environment surrounded by ICT Professionals.

580.00 ZMK


For students studying towards any accredited ICT programme from a reputable university or college and must be a member of the ICTAZ student chapter at their college among other things.

100.00 ZMK